Our Approach To Quality Control

Quality Control should be achieved by developing an organizational
culture embraced by everyone assigned to the project.

NSBI Quality Control Inspectors (QCI) are trained to identify quality issues and deviations from the contract documents early so that issues are minimized and corrections made in the least disruptive manner.  Each issue is documented photographically and in writing and reference the specific requirements as per the contract documents.  This allows the general contractor to easily enforce the requirements with their subcontractors.  Reports are issued daily to the general contractor and the owner as well as maintained in logs detailing the resolutions.

Our inspectors hold on average 25 certifications ranging from Certified Building Official, Master Code Professional, and OSHA 30 Certification to Air Filtration and Pneumatic Temperature Control Certification.  Additionally, NSBI’s inspectors are certified as Accessibility Inspector/Plan Examiners and Commercial Energy Inspectors/Plan Examiners.  Ongoing training in ASSE 6020 MedGas Inspector Certification and new Federal 2012 Energy Code Compliance requirements assures all NSBI clients of highly qualified inspectors for successful construction projects.

NSBI provides:

  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Municipal Third-Party Inspections
  • NSBI Training Certification
  • Energy Code Compliance
  • Green certification

NSBI offers the highest standard of Quality Control to a construction project with the following key elements:

  • Review of product data, shop drawings and samples
  • Pre-installation meetings for each building component
  • Initial inspections of each building component
  • Continuous and periodic inspections
  • Inspection reporting
  • Deficiency notification and tracking systems
  • Material and product testing
  • Performance testing of equipment and systems
  • Acceptance inspections
  • Punchlist management
  • Project acceptance procedures

Before and construction project begins, NSBI will review the Construction Contract Documents, the Architect / Engineer Agreements, and Testing Agency Agreements to assure that all of the key elements of a successful Construction Quality Control Program are in place and that the responsibility for execution of the various tasks are clearly defined.  NSBI will identify gaps in coverage and recommend way to close the gaps to achieve the desired results.


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